What Makes Canon T1i Appealing to Consumers

The Canon t1i is the 5th generation on the rebel series. This model is also known as the Kiss X3 digital. Even if it was introduced during the period of economic recession, the device was still able to enter the DSLR market. It has become the choice of aspiring photographers from the moment it was released under the Rebel series. Canon has been very famous for their prestigious cameras.If the Kiss X3 is compared to its older models, you will find out that it has lesser features. This has made this model quite inexpensive. Due to its fewer features, the device had a bigger viewfinder. Even if it only has less features, it is still the most handy DSLR camera under its class.This ti1 has a 15 migapixel sensor which is supported by Canon’s Digital Imaging Core or DIGIC 4 image processor. This accomodates100 up to 3200 ISO’s. This device is absolutely exceptional due to its 1080p HD video recording capability. It is the first ever DSLR camera under the beginner’s class that can record HP videos. It is quite the same with the 450D except that it has a 15 MP sensor and HD video recording capacity.

Its ISO can be further extended to 12800. This fact is really remarkable for an entry level camera. It also has the face detection and Peripheral Illumination Correction features. With the help of the DIGIC 4 technology, the menus of the Kiss X3 are so simple to use. You are also able to adjust its noise reduction as well as its lighting optimizers in 4 levels. This feature is not present in the older models of the Rebel series.The t1i can shoot videos in various modes. You may use the VGA or 720p that can record 30 frames in a second. You can also use the 1080p at 20 frames per second. This makes this model a very useful video camera. It also has a 3.0 inches TFT LCD that can display 920,000 dots. Its viewfinder is almost 4 times clearer than the more expensive older models of the t1i.This device uses the 9 pt. Auto focus system that can also be found in EOS Rebel XSi. You can also select from its various focus modes. However, taking pictures under dark environments can deliver grainy photos. This happens because its flash is not as good as the other DSLRs.This t1i model has a lens based image stabilization system. This technology makes sure that all shots are sharp. It also uses a cheaper SDHC memory card compared to the memory stick duo from Sony. Its Lithium Ion battery can take a maximum of 400 shots with just one charge. Its package includes an HDMI cable, a USB and a hot shoe.

Generally speaking, the Canon t1i is a great DSLR. Its video capability is so impressive with the use of 1080p HD. Without this feature, this model will just be considered as an entry level DSLR. It is true that there are some cameras that has a comparable price with the t1i that delivers pictures with quality. However, this device can shoot clear still images and video. Its high definition video recording quality is more than enough to make this a great buy for customers.


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